From Maudie's Mailbag

 I love Maudie's!

The squash scraper may go down as my #1 favorite thing in 2019. I was a little skeptical when buying it; no regrets whatsoever now that I've used it. I can't believe how amazingly well it works. I bought mine at Nori's in Saranac Lake, NY. WILL PROBABLY BUY A FEW MORE TO GIVE TO THE IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN MY LIFE. THANK YOU. HAPPY IT'S MADE IN THE USA, too.

Kevin                         Awesome!!

Thank you for creating such a time saving kitchen tool! Wow!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Debbie - store manager

I've been singing the praises of this scooper for years, saying it's Life Changing. And for the first time ever (why did it take me so long!), I scraped out a 25 lb pumpkin in 10 minutes with the scooper!!!! I have never done it so fast and I didn't hurt my arm doing it.

Karen - store owner


We used your squash scoopers this weekend to carve pumpkins with our kids. My husband's comment, "This is the best invention ever!".
I am sure many people who were using your squash scooper this past weekend felt the same! Kudos to you!  Just thought you'd like to know!

Sue Ann

I have a scooper and love it, but would like to purchase more for friends and family. I live in Tennessee. How can I order some?



We found Maudie’s super scooper at One Mercantile in Great Barrington a few years back.  They raved about its performance so we bought one and now we love it!!!  It works amazingly well. Kudos to you for great design and execution! It’s a New England heirloom product for sure!!



I've been using your fabulous squash scooper since I bought mine at Common Ground Fair last year. I love it so much I want to buy a bunch for my friends and family! But I live nowhere near a retail location. Is there a chance I could order some directly from you?
Thanks so much!

Jodie - store owner

Hi, I own a small garden center in northern New Jersey and would like to sell your scooper. (One of my employees bought one somewhere and loves it!)  We sell pumpkins and I think it would be a good match. Please let me know, Thanks!