Once in a while, I check the web to see what might be out there about Maudie’s.   

What a surprise it was to find that, unbeknownst, Farmer Jess of Cold Spring Farm in Colchester, CT,
had posted a terrific video on preparing winter squash.  In it, she emphasized the three essential tools
one needs - a sharp knife, a good cutting board (her husband, Jeff, a woodworker, makes and sells
great ones) and Maudie’s Super Squash Scooper!
I’m pleased to be able to share it here. 

Before taking look (link is below) please consider . . .

Jess and Jeff farm 300 acres and produce an astonishing abundance of wonderful food each year.

During the frightening and uncertain time of the pandemic, they and local farmers
everywhere dug in, recalibrated, and worked doubly hard to assure healthy food was available
to their communities when supermarket shelves were bare or threatening to be so.

Please continue to support your local farms and businesses on an ongoing basis.  They are our
neighbors and the the backbone of our communities.  When we sit down for a meal prepared with
outstanding locally grown or raised food, it’s good to remember that alongside the peas potatoes
or corn on our plate is a big helping of love.

If you’re in their Connecticut neighborhood, stop in, visit the farm and check out Cold Spring‘s
unusual CSA program, which offers delivery straight to your door.  Jess and Jeff offer many quality
gifts and farm products at their farm store and in her gift shop, Gifts on the Green, on 44 Main Street
in Colchester, CT.

Jess’s blog, Farmer Says, provides you an enlightening window into her farming life and hard-won wisdom.

 Without further ado, here’s her video.   It’s contained in a recent posting, entitled,

    “Squash is a delight and made easier with Maudie's Super Squash Scooper!”