Magical Laboratories' aim is to surprise and delight by offering utterly original
creations made right here in the USA.

Our motto is "American Made Things You've Never Seen Before" TM

Maudie’s is our flagship product. Others are on the drawing board, itching to jump off.

We employ slow cook magic, using the tried and true...

                                                    Universal Formula for Anything

1 fresh Idea
1/2 barrel Old Fashioned Feeling
7 armfuls of Intent
3 gal Perseverance,
5 heaping shovel fulls Trial and Error,
10 Giant Steps Backward
1 keg Care (may substitute Attention to Detail)
5 cakes of Granny’s Obstacle Dispersant
(optional)  dash
Eye of Newt and/or Toe of Frog

Mix all ingredients in large black cauldron, preferably coated with unobtainium
Bring to Boil
Bubble (may take several years)
Season to taste with Timeless Sauce and
Enduring Powder

While waiting,

Continue to Dream
Look to see what's outside your box
Be your own worst critic
Tend to relationships

Magical Lab’s Mission

      Manufacture fun and unique items here in the U.S..
      Build enduring brands
      Foster relationships
      Grow enough to provide good employment to others
      Support independent, brick & mortar retailers, the heart soul of our local economies

Thanks for visiting!

               Sterling Moosup

Magical Laboratories physically manifests on the mysterious Island of Westport.
Old charts show it as off the mid-coast of Maine, between Boothbay and Georgetown.
Beam us your thoughts, questions and inquiries anytime!