Maudie’s ™ Super Squash Scooper

Made in the USA

Found here and there in unique, independent stores and shops throughout New England and beyond.

Folks love its rustic appeal, wonderful feel and simple promise:  “Better Than a Spoon”

Here are comments, kindly offered by store owners and managers who know it well

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Williams & Sons Country Store

I've been carrying Maudie's squash scoops in my store for roughly 10 years, and it still amazes me how many reorders I do, year after year. Our customers love them and often buy them for friends! The small display really helps sell them - it's designed perfectly to show the different colors available and states clearly what the scoop is for. A great merchandiser. On a personal note, I use mine at home regularly to scrape out the insides when making my grandmother's stuffed zucchini recipe, stuffed butternut squash and even eggplant. All favorites at my house. My husband likes to say, "it's the right tool for the job"!

Teresa O'Brient
Williams & Sons Country Store
38 Main Street
Stockbridge MA

LeRoux Kitchen

We’ve carried Maudie’s squash scooper for eight years at all of our locations. This simple gadget has a home at our checkout counter year-round. Customers are intrigued by the handcrafted feel of the item, and its an easy add-on at the counter. It performs its specific job incredibly well. We sell hundreds of these unique little gadgets every year!

Eva Leker
LeRoux Kitchen
161 Commercial Street
Portland, ME 04101

Kitchen Outfitters

Maudie's scoopers have been a customer favorite since they arrived at Kitchen Outfitters in 2014. Excellent for pumpkins, but also for all types of squash and some melons, these handy tools have been an easy grab for a customer base that appreciates our suggestions, and explanations about the benefit of such an item. It's been almost 10 years with significant interest, and steady sales. A must have for well stocked shop.

Julia Tuladhar
Kitchen Outfitters
342 Great Road
Acton, MA 01720

The Green Store

This simple, clever invention outsells so many items in my store.  It’s amazingly effective at removing seeds and pulp from large or small pumpkins and squash prior to cooking, and for scraping out the flesh after baking.  It’s very durable, safe and comfortable in the hand of an adult or a child. This is simply a nifty innovation and, as we say at the Green Store, an “old-fashioned necessity for the new millennium”. Still a best seller after many years!

Ellie Daniels, Owner
71 Main Street

Belfast, ME 04915
(207)338-4045 x2

The Cook Shop 

The squash scoop is by far on my top five list of gadgets we sell! We keep the display at the counter.  Sometimes a skeptical customer will murmur "just use a spoon...", but I've changed a lot of minds by explaining just how much better they are than a spoon! They're ergonomic, don't bend, and the curved, sharp edge makes it really easy to scrape the ‘guts’ out. They’re great for hollowing out pumpkins, and they're made here in the USA.

Maudie’s scoops are a great stocking stuffer or gift for cooks who supposedly have everything.  Customers who’ve bought them as gifts on my recommendation have come back to buy one for themselves because the recipient liked it so much.

Their popularity in New England seems to grow more and more with each fall season.

I'm happy to rave about this product and recommend it as one well worth carrying.

Shaunna Dancause
Buyer/Assistant Manager
The Cook Shop, Inc.
Lemon Tree Village
1091 Route 6A, Brewster, MA 02631

Weekend Kitchen

Weekend Kitchen has sold Maudies squash scoopers for many years now. It's always a hit with customers. I keep some in the cute "Maudies stand" next to the register and it gets a lot of attention and sparks discussion (always fun to engage customers in conversation). I also keep some in a vintage measure in another area of the shop. We sell a mix of new and vintage kitchen/home items so it fits our aesthetic and ideal to sell unique USA made items that really work! We also have a cooking school and we use them in our classes. People rave that it is in fact better than a spoon! I love having these New England made squash scoops in the shop and they sell out quickly! They are beautifully designed to fit nicely in your hand and have an edge that makes scooping easy and efficient!

Nancy Kirkiles-Smith
Weekend Kitchen
16 Main Street
Essex, CT 06426

1856 Country Store

Maudie's Squash Scooper is a hit!!!  Our customers love it!  We've been ordering Maudie's since 2012, it has now become one of the most popular items on our retail store it is one of those things that sells year after year, often multiples to the same customer.  It sure is worth the small space the great display takes.  Give Maudie's a try, you won't be disappointed!!

Joanne OConnor 1856 Country Store Centerville MA 02632

China Fair

Ever since Art, Maudie’s inventor, so humbly came into our store back in 2012, we have had success selling Maudie's squash scoop.  Instant classic.  Pure New England ingenuity, at its finest.  The beautifully crafted display of scoops is always a conversation piece.  Not a day goes by that a customer doesn't pick one up to ponder.  Best of all, the product does exactly what it says it does!  Better than a spoon!  We always suggest not only squash but melons too.  The scoops sell year round, but obviously best in the fall.  Many 1st time buyers return to buy more as gifts. Big sellers for Halloween.  Great addition to the store.

Will Beck
China Fair Inc.
70 Needham St
Newton MA 02461