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“Better than a Spoon” -  a bold assertion!

Maudie’s is an amazingly effective tool for removing stringy pulp and seeds from winter squash and
pumpkins, and makes this annoying task a breeze (dare I say, fun)

People mostly reach for a spoon when faced with this chore.  To convince them to buy and
try a specialized tool is not so easy.  Folks purchasing Maudie’s are making a small leap of faith,
because they can't really know how well it works till they're home. 

Maudie’s does its best to sell itself in a several ways. 

It's not encased in packaging, which allows folks to pick it up, handle it and get a sense
of how it works. Both the display and the tool are aesthetically pleasing.  Maudie’s is equal parts feeling and functionality.

It’s rare.  Anyone who comes across it can’t be sure if they’ll ever find it again
anywhere else.  (certainly not on Amazon or in Walmart)

It’s a curiosity  - something both novel and improbable, calling folks to take a closer look.

Nevertheless, customers will ask you, “Does this really work?”  If you or your sales staff have actually
tried out a Maudie’s scooper, you’ll have ready answers in your own words and easily make a sale.  

Here are several things you can always say about it . . .

Maudie's cutting edge is much broader and sharper a spoon’s.  

There’s no useless ‘pointy’ section along its edge, as there is with a spoon.

Even though its blade is sharper, it’s safe, even for kids, because it’s made of plastic, (polypropylene, commonly used for food containers)

Maudie’s fits the hand quite naturally.  It’s gripped by the thumb, with fingers naturally right
behind the blade, providing tremendous leverage and maneuverability.
It’s as maneuverable as your cupped had and wrist.  There’s no long handle to
contend with. - certainly the tool of choice for hollowing out pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns at Halloween!  (see Testimonials)

Maudie’s is a wonderful small gift for anyone who cooks.

Its a great item to include in Fall or holiday gift baskets. 

It’s a great stocking stuffer

It’s American made.


The following sections, (extra credit!) hold more tidbits that can be woven into conversation with your customers. 

American Made

This and the sections that follow are almost ready, hope you can come back!

Feeling vs Functionality:  "The Maudie's Uncertainly Principle"

🙂 There is at at all times and from any frame of reference, uncertainty as to whether Maudie's is:
    A nifty tool that's also a cool work of art,  or, A nifty work of art that's also a cool tool!

Merchandising Maudie's



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