Each year, thousands of visitors to New England return home
with a fun little tool they never knew existed!

The display catches their eye . . .
Squash scooper, eh?  Never knew there was such a thing!

Folks pick up this curiosity for a closer look.
They like the feel of it - the way it fits the hand, the branded
wood handle, its maneuverability, sharp edge,
the close-in leverage it affords . . . hmm, pretty nifty!

Many find it hard to pass up.  They go with their gut and make the
purchase, for themselves, or someone dear.

Gee, if I don’t get this now, where would I ever find it again?
I’ll get one for Mom, Sis and me!

The ending to the story is always a happy one . . .
Maudie’s never disappoints!  It works amazingly well!
Folks remember where they got their Maudie’s scooper! 

Family and friends will ask,

"Where can I get one?"

          American Made

          ~  Found only in independently-owned, brick & mortar stores and shops

          ~  Not available on Amazon or in Walmart

                     Great small gift / stocking-stuffer for anyone who cooks! 

                     Wonderful addition to fall & holiday gift baskets!

                     Perfect at Halloween for parents, kids & pumpkin carving!

          ~  Hand-crafted display comes free with initial order of 20 or more

          ~  Proven seller, year after year

          ~  Extra scooper(s) included with every re-order, to offset shipping cost

          ~  Wholesaled only.  We do not retail it ourselves

          ~  Built in exclusivity - We aim for distance between its locations.

          ~  Free shipping with initial order

          ~  Satisfaction guaranteed


Wholesale price: $3.75/ea, MSRP: $7.99
Minimum initial order quantity to receive display: 20 ($75)
Typical re-orders:  10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or more
Ships quickly via USPS priority or flat rate

For a free sample, email us at  magicallabs@gmail.com
It'll make you smile ~ It'll make you a believer

On our website, you’ll find links to all the 140+ great stores & shops that carry Maudie’s, organized by state and town.
Please feel free
to contact any of them to learn about their experience with Maudie’s and Magical Laboratories.

Best Wishes for 2022!

Art Weber     Magical Laboratories, Inc.    Westport Island, Maine     www.maudies.us

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